The importance of making a great first impression cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to presenting a product to buyers.

A VP of marketing for retail giant The Limited, Inc. has been quoted saying “In some malls we have seventy foot lease fronts. The customer, within eight-point-five seconds, is going to decide whether to walk into that store or just go past it.”

In my experience as a residential Realtor, I also found it true that clients would comment “this is the one,” within eight seconds of entering a home. The rest was just details.

How does this relate to senior housing? If owners are thinking about selling a facility, they need to know what buyers are expecting to see when they look at price per bed/unit, EBITDA, census, and payor mix. We want to counsel you ahead of time to make sure our offering package catches the attention of buyers within the “8 second” decision window.

Please contact Toby Siefert at or 630-858-2501 to discuss what you should be working towards now to make the best first impressions later.


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