Everyone is looking to save money, whether at the grocery store, cutting the cable TV bill, or selling a senior living property, saving a ‘buck’ is often the name of the game.  When considering selling a senior living property, the temptation to list without a senior living broker, or use a low fee unproven brokerage, can be tempting.  However, it is also important to consider the benefits of listing with a proven senior living brokerage, that provides a track record of past successes within your region.

A good senior living broker, working as part of an established senior living brokerage, can provide access to a qualified pool of buyers with known financial resources.  This is something that is often unavailable to those without a background in senior housing circles.

Some of the benefits of working with an establish brokerage include; creative marketing plans to aggressively present the ‘upside’ of your community to buyers, creating a market, and thus maximizing a sale price.  BuildingAdditionally, if a senior living broker works within a larger collaborative brokerage team, the team will make hundreds of confidential calls presenting your property to a network of qualified buyers.

Upon receipt of qualified offers, senior living brokers will also help a seller select the most attractive offer, considering any contingences, buyer financing and track record of the acquiring entity.  This can prove invaluable when navigating the complicated transaction of a senior living community, as both the building and business are being sold.


It is important to consider all the factors within a potential sale, as no two transactions are exactly identical.  While senior living brokerage fees vary, a good senior living broker can return many times that amount in creating a competitive bid situation for your property, while helping to guide you step by step throughout the process to ensure a timely, smooth and favorable outcome.

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