It is exciting to see the economy improve. It has been a stressful couple of years. Thankfully, the long-term care and seniors housing market has remained resilient during this time. I believe that when we see housing improve and unemployment under control, the economy is going to take off. What is making the difference? The credit market is loosening. Borrowers are able to obtain lending and interest rates are at all time lows. As people keep their head above water by taking advantage of low interest rates and gain meaningful employment, consumer confidence will take off.

What does this mean for long-term care and seniors housing owners? All of those potential residents that have been holding off moving in for as long as they can will start to gain confidence in their wealth and take advantage of care that is at their disposal.

If you are thinking of buying a nursing home, assisted living facility or independent living facility, take advantage of the low cost of capital. If you have thought about selling, now would be a great time while demand is surpassing supply.

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