Ryan Saul recently sold 19 Skilled Nursing Facilities of which 17 were in Indiana and 2 were in Iowa. The total portfolio consisted of 1,159 beds with an overall occupancy of 80% with approximately 12% Medicare and 10% Private Pay. A couple of the communities included assisted living but were higher acuity than normal. The Seller began accumulating his portfolio in 2000 adding a couple of buildings each year through acquisitions. He specialized in smaller, middle market properties that deliver quality care in addition to providing quality Rehab/Medicare services. The owner decided to sell the portfolio to start the transition out of seniors housing. As part of the transaction, the Seller granted the Buyer the option to assume/purchase an additional 12 facilities (prior to 2020) that are currently leased from a public REIT. The Buyer is a Midwest owner/operator that purchased the portfolio using a 1031 exchange related to the sale of a portion of their existing portfolio. The Buyer will absorb the operations into their existing Midwest portfolio of nursing homes. For additional information, please contact Ryan Saul at ryansaul@slibinc.com or 630/858-2501.


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