Ryan Saul has sold 50 Certificate of Need (CON) Beds in Ohio.  The Seller was looking to retire from the business and this was the only property he owned.  Because the facility was originally constructed in 1897 as a hospital and renovated in 1945, it was functionally obsolete.  Therefore, Senior Living Investment Brokerage, Inc. was able to sell the beds and the owner donated the vacant building to a not-for-profit for the tax benefit.  The Buyer is a regional owner/operator with 8 facilities in Western Ohio.  This was a strategic acquisition as they are focused on growing their regional company.  The Buyer plans on building a campus nearby that includes assisted living and skilled nursing.  For additional information, please contact Ryan Saul at ryansaul@slibinc.com or 630/858-2501.  Congratulations Harry and enjoy your retirement.


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