The market continues to face a shortage of quality seniors housing and long-term care communities available for purchase.  There is significant demand.  Both regional and national companies are looking for growth opportunities….especially with the end of the year quickly approaching.

I am sure you are enjoying your current cash flow and ROI.  Maybe you haven’t even thought about selling.  Why?  If you could cash in at the top of the market, why wouldn’t you at least explore the idea?  You don’t want to look back 3-5 years from now and regret not selling.  Do you know what your nursing home, assisted living, independent living or memory care facility is worth today?  Let me help you find out.

Everyone knows that interest rates are going to increase.  This will inevitably decrease the value of your facility.  Things are great now, but we all know things change.  Why not take advantage of just how great the market is?

I am always available for a confidential proposal to determine what your community is worth.  Please contact Ryan Saul for more information.


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