Ryan Saul, Toby Siefert and Patrick Burke Sell Skilled Nursing Facility

The western Tennessee skilled nursing facility was originally built in 1973 on 2.1 acres. The rural property has 62 skilled nursing beds and 30 inactive assisted living beds. At the time of the sale, the 32,300 square foot property was at 56% census. The Seller is a public REIT and the operator made a decision to exit the property because it did not fit within their geographic footprint. The Buyer is a not-for-profit organization based out of Tennessee that hired a Tennessee based operator with 42 communities manage the-day-to-day operations. Fo additionl information, please contact Patrick Burke, Toby Siefert or Ryan Saul of Senior Living Investment Brokerage at 630/858-2501 www.seniorlivingbrokerage.com


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