Buyers and investors need to think about their reputation before they write an offer. More importantly, before you sign an agreement with a Seller to purchase, be certain you are going to perform. Everyone understands that material items related to physical plant or the overall market can come up during due diligence. However, Buyers putting forth offers in which they do not intent to perform will not only hurt the deal at hand, but will jeopardize the likelihood that they will be selected as a buyer in the future.

Reputation is key in the M&A arena. If your goal is to acquire facilities, stand behind your offer and deliver on promises. Buyers with a reputation for not delivering on the terms of an agreed upon offer will quickly gain that reputation and might just do their last deal. Work with Sellers and brokers to be sure everyone is satisfied with the outcome of a transaction. If you are a person of your word and a handshake is as valid as binding agreement, you will successfully acquire properties for years to come.

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