Food in Seniors Housing – By Jason Punzel

In touring hundreds of Senior Living Communities and talking with their owners, one common theme, “How important food quality is in Seniors Housing”, continues to come up.   As seniors age, their ability to do the activities they once loved to do declines.  Also, many of the basic things they are used to doing such as driving, traveling, going out to dinner, and physical exercise are no longer an option.  However, eating at their senior housing community continues to be an activity they have a degree of choice in and can continue to enjoy.

A quality dining experience does not have to be expensive.   Most seniors are not looking to drink fine wine and eat filet every night.  Nor does a quality dining expense have to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital expenditures.   However, it does require good, experienced chefs, quality produce and meats, a reasonable variety of food choices, and cordial wait staff.  A 24-hour coffee/juice bar is also a nice benefit.


The key to a quality dining experience does not have to be expensive, but it does have to be a top priority.  Understanding how important it is to seniors’ living experience is the first step in doing so.

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