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Nursing Home in Medicaid game?

If you are in the nursing home business your community is in the Medicaid game.  The AHC Act is dominating the headlines.  As of today, the future is uncertain.  While everyone is thinking about how their individual health insurance is going to be impacted, nursing home owners have to be thinking about how Medicaid is going to be impacted.

Changes in AHC will most certainly result in Medicaid cuts.  Since Medicaid is the largest payor source for skilled nursing, this is going to have a major impact on nursing home operators and how they are paid.  More than ever it is going to be important to provide quality care and be the preferred long-term care community in the market.  The market is shifting to a pay for quality vs. a pay for volume business.

Medicaid cuts and value

Medicaid cuts will definitely effect value.  In the late 1990s we saw a complete overhaul with PPS.  I think we are positioned to see a dramatic change in the way nursing homes provide care and consequently, how nursing homes are paid.

Senior Living Investment Brokerage

Senior Living Investment Brokerage can provide current market valuations based on changes in the market related to Medicaid and reimbursement.  Please contact Ryan Saul for a market valuation to determine what your community is worth.

Interesting article on the effects of AHC on Medicaid can be found here:

Health Reform and Reimbursement


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