It may come as no surprise that selling a portfolio of two or more facilities will garner a higher price per unit than selling facilities on an individual basis. The difference, however, is staggering. In 2010 the average assisted living price per unit was almost $70K higher in portfolio sales vs. single asset sales (The Senior Care Acquisition Report, Sixteenth Edition 2011)

Just because a facility is sold in a portfolio does not make it an A+ asset. However, buyers will often pay a premium to enter a market with force and have the ability to create efficiencies quickly. Portfolio sales also allow brokers to confidentially market facilities to a wider range of potential buyers.

Sellers are often tempted to “try” a broker for one of their facilities to see how they perform. In the long run it proves more advantageous to your wallet to build a strong enough relationship with a broker to trust them with a portfolio. We would be happy to complete a no-cost confidential proposal to determine the market value of your portfolio to begin that relationship. Please contact Toby Siefert at or 630-858-2501.


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