Ryan Saul has sold a 43 Bed Skilled Nursing Facility in Indiana. The 18,097 square foot property was built in 1960. This facility is unique in that it is one of only three facilities in the country that serves those afflicted with an advanced neurological disorder called Huntington’s Disease. This is the only facility in the Midwest that focuses on residents with Huntington’s disease and it attracts residents from throughout the Midwest and is supported by Huntington’s Disease specialty doctors. The Seller is a non-profit organization based on the East Coast which is strategically divesting of the property to concentrate on their operations in the East. The Buyer is based in Indiana and will continue to cater to HD residents while at the same time improving expenses through economies of scale and will also be enrolled in the IGT (Inter Governmental Transfer) program which will positively impact the cash flow moving forward. At the time of the sale the facility had negative cash flow yet Ryan was able to secure multiple offers. For additional information, please contact Ryan at 630/858-2501 or ryansaul@slibinc.com


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