On every offering we bring to market, potential buyers are curious to know why the owners have decided to sell. As we reflect on the 40+ facilities we have sold so far this year, and the current active inventory, we find four common motivations for a sale. First, and probably most common, the subject property was not part of the owner’s core business niche. They acquired an assisted living facility when they actually specialize in skilled nursing, or vice versa. Other common reasons are when a small operator wishes to retire from the business altogether, or an operator who got into the business primarily as an investment vehicle, realizes that demand (and prices) is high and capital gains taxes are historically low. Lastly, for the larger multi-facility owners, it’s a good time to sell one or a few “outlier” assets in order to reinvest and strengthen their presence in their core geographic markets.

If you find yourself identifying with one of these categories, we have the experience to confidentially attain your investment objectives. Please contact Toby Siefert at siefert@slibinc.com or 630-858-2501 to have a confidential discussion of the market and its impact on your senior housing community.


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