Jeff Binder, Brad Clousing and Ryan Saul teamed together to sell a Nebraska Assisted Living Community for $6,600,000.  It is a purpose built (2002/2005), quality facility offering a mix of assisted living and memory care units.  The facility is also set up to accept Medicaid residents.  Although the occupancy in 2011 struggled, it has historically done well and recovered in 2012.  The Seller was a partnership with plans to redeploy capital to other uses.  The GP owns assets in other states and plans on focusing his attention and resources on those assets.  The Buyer sees significant upside in the facility and has other operations in the region.  They will focus on increasing the private pay occupancy.  There is an additional 1.5 acres of land adjacent to the facility to develop independent living units or expand the existing AL/MC.  For additional information contact Jeff Binder at 314/961-0070 or Brad and Ryan at 630/858-2501.


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