Skilled Nursing Facility Sale conducted recently by Toby Siefert, Nick Cacciabando and Pat Byrne of Senior Living Investment Brokerage, Inc. in Connecticut. This was the third facility acquired as part of a four facility portfolio sale by a Canadian based skilled nursing facility owner. The Buyer and Seller had agreed to close escrow on each facility as the change of ownership for each property was approved by each state. With the closing of this skilled nursing facility sale, their is only one deal left to close which is in Vermont. The skilled nursing facility transactions in Massachusetts and New Jersey closed in 2015. This three story facility was built in 1972 and is 61,085 square feet. The facility is licensed for 162 beds and there are 2 private resident rooms, 28 semi private resident rooms and 26 four bed resident rooms. The census at the time of sale was 80% with a 16.2% quality mix. The most notable area of upside is increasing not only the census but the quality mix back to levels achieved in previous years when the skilled nursing facility demonstrated positive net operating income. At the time of the sale, the facility was experiencing a negative EBITDA of over ($1,000,000). The gross income multiple was .34X at the time of sale. Senior Living Investment Brokerage, Inc. was able to procure multiple qualified offers for the four skilled nursing facility portfolio which benefited the Seller because there was minimal interest in acquiring this particular skilled nursing facility as a single asset. The Buyer is a newly formed partnership of owners based in New York that will also operate the portfolio of skilled nursing facilities. For additional information on this Skilled Nursing Facility sale or to inquire how Senior Living Investment Brokerage, Inc. can assist you or your company with acquisitions or dispositions, please contact Toby Siefert, Nick Cacciabando or Pat Byrne


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