If you are anything like me, you would not consider selling your home without the assistance of a trustworthy real estate professional. In our line of business, however, we often encounter owners of Nursing Homes and/or Assisted Living facilities who are reluctant to engage a professional to effectively market their properties. It is surprising that while most people willingly engage an agent in the sale of their home in order to obtain top dollar for their valued asset, others attempt to sell a multi-million dollar business on their own, running the risk of leaving a significant amount of money on the table.

The exclusive representation provided by Senior Living Investment Brokerage (“Senior Living”) creates a value for property owners that far outweighs the fees associated with entering into such an arrangement.

An exclusive representation agreement with Senior Living consists of two basic principles:

1) The owner agrees to sell the property and to list it only with Senior Living.

2) Senior Living commits its full expertise, experience, and resources to aggressively and confidentially market the property and to loyally represent the owner throughout the entire transaction.

Why Engage Senior Living With An Exclusive Agreement To Sell Your Senior Housing/Long-Term Care Community?

1) Confidentiality. When working with multiple brokers, they may not understand the importance of controlling to whom the information is sent and the intricate nature of facilitating confidentiality throughout the marketing process. We only contact potential buyers directly via an initial telephone conversation. Only upon receipt of an executed Confidentiality Agreement is any specific property information disclosed.

2) Higher price. Professional representation by Senior Living, a specialized company, exposes the property to a much larger market of buyers, thus increasing the price by more than the fees.

3) Sends a Message to the Market. Engaging Senior Living sends a strong message to the marketplace that, not only is the owner committed to selling the property, but that the likelihood of a successful closing is better. Therefore, more investors will devote time to the offering and ultimately bid higher on the property.

4) Establishes Pricing Expectations. This saves the owner time, effort and energy in that he or she will not have to fulfill numerous requests for information only to learn that the prospective purchaser’s price expectations are not in line with the current value of the property.

5) It Saves the Owner Time. In addition to promoting the property, Senior Living will minimize the owner’s time involvement by screening and presenting offers, fulfilling information requests, assisting in arranging financing, coordinating inspections and reviewing escrow documents.

Selling a Long-Term Care facility requires professional representation and Senior Living will achieve the highest price for your property. Our commitment to selling only Long-Term Care & Senior Housing and track record of success demonstrate this.

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By Michael L. Brundage,
Senior Vice President


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